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Umm... uh-oh?

2010-02-17 09:38:24 by Trungles

Hmm... I think I just got in trouble... I'm not totally sure which rule I broke. The last piece I submitted was a fanart of a video game series... I credited the developer.... and then I took it down after I noticed something was slightly different about my account.

I originally figured it was because she wasn't my original character, but this doesn't account for the copious amounts of Sonic fanart all over the place.


I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

Yet, the submission that I had that was featured on the front page is still... there.

The mystery... thickens?

In the meantime, here is my deviantArt.

Toodles, NG!


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2010-02-17 11:51:18

Well the rules for art are listed here: _art_submissions

As I have not seen the picture in question I can only guess what happened (also I don´t know what this "slightly different" thing about your account was so I can´t say how that happened, if I know why, that is), but if what happened was that you lost your scout (and with art like that I´m guessing you used to be scouted) without a mod removing one or more of your pics, then your scouter lost his/her scout. This makes all of his/her scouts (and the scouts scouts and their and so on) lose their scouts as well, a system made to prevent users from scouting users with bad art (MSpaint FTW) and think before they scout.

Trungles responds:

Ohhh.... so I may not have actually gotten into any hot water with a mod, I might have just lost a scout. I guess I haven't figured out this scout-chain thing yet O.o

Thanks for the explanation! ^_^ I thought I made someone mad, and I got all guilty about it for the longest time.


2010-02-17 17:12:27

If you lose your scout, you can regain it again if you submit more and get scouted. Happend to me twice xD because the people i scouted apparently did a fail job on their next pieces.